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Have been modelling the New Zealand Railway  (NZR) scene since 1994, this is my second layout due by moving house. This layout is in a 12 x 6 mtr room; the layout itself measures 9 x 4 mtrs. It consists of 2 main lines with half of 1 main line hidden to give a section showing a single main. Total track laid is 90mtrs +.


Basic Description


Track - HO code 100 combination of Peco, GT rail and Atlas with Kensey Plastics NZR sleepers,


Points - Mainly Peco Electrofrog with a couple of Insulfrogs and Shinohara's. These powered by Peco solenoids and Tortoise motors.


Power/Control - (DCC) Is by Digitrax, a DSB 100 power unit, controllers being a DT400 and 3 x UT4. Also 1 x PM 42 - this has 4 blocks, 2 set up for the two sections my layout is configured to and the other 2 set for the two reversing loops. Programming of decoders is done via a Locobuffer USB and Decoder Pro on my PC. I can either programme off the main or the programming track, Locobuffer plugs straight into any controller socket.  


Framing - Kiln dried dressed pine wood, girder construction with bearers every 300mm


Track bed - Station areas are on Pinex soft board, main line areas on 8mm ply, all track is laid on 1mm 'Inseal' builder's rubber.


Scenery - construction of scenery is with 10 sheets  of 2400 x 1200 x 50mm polystyrene cut to shape and glued with Selley's 'No more nails' sculpted and painted with acrylic Resene paints. Scenery ground cover is with dyed black/brown sheep's wool (Slither) and scenic texture material.


Concept - Typical NZR operation and scenery of the 50's and 60's in NZ. There are 3 different station profiles of no particular place with the exception of Carterton. Carterton has a unique track formation and buildings, this I have modelled as it was in and around 1965. The other 2 station profiles follow no particular area but have different classes of station and facilities / buildings and offer the modeller and the operator both challenging and operational skills. For instance a nice landing /wharf area has been modeled for rail/boat traffic in one area, logging in the other and a phosphate plant further round. Whilst the main station profile  (yet to be formed) will house all the locomotive facilities and yards.


Rolling Stock and Motive power - I have a variety of rolling stock (4 wheel and bogie type), and motive power, (diesel/steam). All rolling stock is pre 1970. That is so I don't keep chasing those new kits.


Buildings - all are scratch built from either plans or photographs and painted accordingly using mainly scale lumber, card and styrene.