Making Toi Toi bushes Making Toi Toi bushes Completed bush 124632621 Master sheet showing the line profile to aid cutting 115648812 painting the sheets do 1 side let dry then the other 115648815 1A9 exercise book - ideal for flaxes, toi tois and cabbage tree heads 115648814 All laid out to dry - get 4 toi tois per page 115648813 Cutting out the toi tois Get 4 plants per page - takes about 6 min to cut each one 115765363 Applying the glue to the toi toi bush 121628578 Rolling the bush up 121628575 Frond making material Wall paper brush and a piece of interfacing material 115942112 Making the frons 121628577 Toi toi bank Slowly getting covered 120639125 Toi tois everywhere 120639126