Sentinel Cammell Steam Railcar Sentinel Cammell Steam Railcar RM1 - Sentinel Cammell RM1 on a hertiage day trip crosses Belavedare Rd 143108133 Sentinial Cammel Railcar Photo of the original back in 1928 139223321 The railcar as I got it The original maker hand fret the sides out of a sheet of brass 139223324 After sandblasting A very clean shell - now I can work on it 139224177 Interior fittings New floor (styrene) and seating made up and this sits over the electrics 139224176 Fresh from the paint shop 139223994 Screen shot of the decal making process Make up of decals done on Coreldraw 139223325 Decals applied Decals made on Coreldraw 12 and printed my Alps printer 139223322 Cammel railcar - decals applied 139223323 Cammel railcar Major parts of the car are now complete just flush glazing to go. 139946173 Diaphragm build - railcar Made a styrene mould with angle strips to press tin foil (coffee tin lid) over. I then fingered the tin foil to shape without creasing the rib parts 140079057 Diaphragm build - railcar Woodlands Scenic Latex was brushed on in several layer's, let dry between coats. 140079056 Diaphragm build - railcar Removed from mould and trimmed to fit 140084768 Diaphragm build - railcar Positioned in place 140084769 Diaphragm build - railcar dry run to check bending and see how it fits 140084770 Diaphragm build - railcar Completed 140084767 Cammel railcar new roof First part of the roof, this is the press fit piece and the main roof will go over that and you can see where the decoder will sit 141519739