Scratch build 20 x J wagons Scratch build 20 x J wagons Hand made jig for making sides, ends and gate 175715781 Semi completed sides and gates 175715782 Finished side, 1 of 40 175715783 Side doors - 4 per wagon The finish of making 80 door frames to the 20 wagons, have started putting the 2 boards on them and then put 2 rods above the boards to complete the styrene side. Later all have to have a .3 hand rail inserted 177181702 Brass etch chassis sheet Doing all the rivets on my rivet press 178537046 Chassis head stocks Decided to do these on the chassis instead of a one piece end, this way all can be soldered together and be a finished unit. 178537047 One completed chassis build Took 15-20mins to fold up and a little finishing time of solderings the folds to strengthen, adding the headstocks, hooks-n-chains, brake hoses and couplers. 178537048 working on the sides Putting all the vertical rods in place 178849134 Styrene J wagon build - sides Making of 40 sides 181276091 #2 of 20 chassis completed Chassis is a 'Marks Model Works' (MMW) one piece folding chassis 178849133 Styrene J wagon build - ends Making of 40 ends - 2 different styles 181276093 40 sides and 80 doors Nearly all done, just got 19 sides to add the doors on. 178849132 Styrene J wagon build - sides & ends 40 ends and 40 sides ready for assemble 181276092 J wagon Styrene build - sheep Making the patten for moulding 183572548 First fit Side view of the body sitting on the MMW 1 piece brass etch fold chassis A good fit, now to make the floors from styrene sheet. 179665874 Styrene J wagon build - 20 body shells What 40 J bodies or 2400+ cut bits of styrene look like. 181276095 J wagon Styrene build - sheep Trial fit of the patten 183572549 First fit End on view 179665875 Styrene J wagon build - body fit A trial fit to a MMC chassis 181276094 J wagon Styrene build - sheep First mould make and cast 183572550 First fit Cardboard (temp) flooring 179665876 Styrene J wagon build - consist look 20 laid out in row to see length of consist, can't wait to finish the other 16 chassis's 181276090 J wagon Styrene build - sheep First sheep cast trial fit 183572546 First fit End on view 179665877 J wagon Styrene build - sheep So far 6 cast been mde - all looking good 183572547 Making the ends 2 different styles 180621683 4 body side now put together Will now start assembling the bodies along with each chassis kit 180621682 Styrene J wagon build Start made on the 1st painting stage 182827699 Completed brass etch chassis 180621684