Current Projects - WOMWB Current Projects - WOMWB EM80 scratch build A new body for my track cleaning car 182827698 0n30 scratchbuilt PWD Fowler loco More pics in the 0n30 loco folder 194257104 MMW 0n30 N wagon chassis etch 195032661 MMW brass casting 195032665 Completed 0n30 N wagon 195032662 Test run 195032663 4 completed wagons 195032664 Shapeways Hillside Tr body 195032500 Many hours work cleaning, filing, sanding and fitting 195032501 Completed Hillside Tr body 195032499 Chassis made up and test run 196179501 On30 modual Track laid and shed build in progress 196672384 On30 modual 3 way stub point - 1st attempt at making one. works well. 196672385 On30 modual display ground scenery applied 203562185 On30 La wagons Scratchbuilt from styrene on MMW brass etch chassis frames 203562186